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Current Research Areas


The Sauro lab is concerned with understanding the control systems that govern cellular networks. Areas of study include developing computational standards and algorithms for systems and synthetic biology, theoretical studies on stochastic and deterministic biochemical networks and their control and the evolution of control systems using both experimental and computational approaches. Current projects include, understanding the propagation of noise through cellular networks, understanding functional modularity, using evolutionary strategies to design synthetic networks, developing a catalog of cellular network motifs with given properties, working with the community to develop simulation (SBML), visual (SBGN) and parts (POBOL) standards and experimental work on developing robust parts for synthetic biology and investigating methods to prevent loss of synthetic networks via selection.

Evolutionary Computing Software Development
Algorithm Development Engineering Control Theory
Analysis of Signaling Networks High Performance Simulators
Synthetic Biology Software Libraries
Network Enumeration

Student Projects

1. Write an application that can detect oscillatory or bistable behavior in a reaction network.

Group Meetings Schedule

At the group meetings each week there will be a dedicated discussion from one of the focus groups. Each group should self-organize and arrange a meeting when it is their turn. Discussion topics should include work accomplished or currently underway. The focus group may also mention any interesting or relevant papers related to the focus group and bring up topics of general interest to the focus group.

Group Members are as follows (in alphabetical order):

  1. Computational Group
    • Frank Bergmann
    • Alex Bratt
    • Deepak Chandran
    • Lucian Smith
    • Ryan Roper
  2. Experimental Group
    • Bryan Bartley
    • Wilbert Copland
    • Austin Day
    • Alec Nielsen
    • Sean Sleight
  3. Theory Group
    • Alex Bratt
    • Deepak Chandran
    • Kyung Kim
    • Song Yang

Group Meeting Schedule for each Group:

Computational Experimental Theory
Dec 3rd X
Dec 10th X
Dec 17th SNOW
Jan 9th X
Jan 16th X
Jan 23rd X
Jan 30th X
Feb 6th X
Feb 13th X
Feb 20th X
Feb 27th X
Mar 6th X
Mar 13th X
Mar 20th X
Mar 27th Cancel Cancel Cancel
Apr 3rd Cancel Cancel Cancel
Apr 10rd X
Apr 17rd X
Apr 24rd X
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