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ICSB 2007 Tutorial

At this year’s ICSB the SBW Team will give a tutorial on the use of the Systems Biology Workbench. We will focus on creating computational models and analyze them using software modules bundled with the Systems Biology Workbench. All models created and analyzed will fall into the category of network motifs.

Online tutorial description

Tutorial Materials


In order to follow the hands-on-exercises, participants should bring along their computers, running a Windows operating system. In order to run the software the following pre-requisites have to be installed on the machine (chances are, that you already have them):

The main tool to install is the Systems Biology Workbench, which includes almost all you need for the tutorial. You may optionally install Oscill8 if you wish to try and draw bifurcation diagrams.

No prior knowledge about how to use the software will be expected.

More Information

We placed additional tutorials here:

If you would like to see what we have done at a past ICSB Tutorial look here:

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